Kawaii Girl

Hello everyone! ♥


I just want to share my very first project in Kawaii in Manila…..

tenennnn… Kawaii Girl plushie! :)

Kawaii Girl is the official mascot of Kawaii in Manila and Kawaii Philippines, and it was an honor to make a plushie of her. Yey! o(≧∇≦o) She was inside the Kawaii Loot bag that was given to the event’s participants! :) I’m really proud of her. huhu (tears of joy) ♥

I handmade 30 kawaii girl plushies and it was not easy haha but,,, It was really fun :) And I love doing plushies. ya know. hehe ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)

Here she is :)

The very first kawaii girl plushie! :) The making of Kawaii Girl :) ♥♥♥

kawaii girl plushie

Tadaaaa… an army of Kawaii Girls :) i finished them after 3 days of non-stop sewing. phew. (๑>◡<๑)

kawaii in manila

Ahhh the happy faces of the Kawaii Girls makes me happy too. hehehe :3

More plushies coming. ヾ(@゜∇゜@)ノ

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Photo credits to: Kawaii in Manila


Felt Crafts Part 2 ♥

Hello again! (ノ*゜▽゜*) ♥♥♥

As I’ve said before on my last post, I love doing crafts with felt. :3

Here’s my hair clips designed from felt flowers! ♥♥♥ This is a really fun activity. That’s why I made so many hehehe (≧∇≦)/

flower hair clips

I also did some bow headbands… tadaaa.. °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ °

My favorite is the yellow one (of course hehehe) ♥

bow headbands

And… here’s the spiky kawaii headbands :3 I actually named them as “Candy Spikes” because they’re spiky and kawaii ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

candy spikes

There are many ways in using your felt fabrics in a kawaii way :3 These are just some of the examples :) ♥♥♥

I’ll be making a tutorial on “How to make felt flowers and roses” someday ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ !! ♥ Please watch out for it :) ♥♥♥

Felt Crafts ♥

We bought many felt fabrics last year and I thought of a way to use it. :D I googled on how to make felt roses and flowers and tadaaaaaa… ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ…

I made some headbands with it. Here they are:


 pink felt crown

red felt crown

purple felt crown

yellow flower crown

I also made some matching hair clips :)

Here they are:



As you can see, I made a lot , :) I really enjoyed doing this craft, I sold some of them last December @ the Christmas Toycon! ♥

More felt crafts on the way! ∩( ・ω・)∩ ♥

Stay tuned kawaii girls! ♥


Lost Princess

Hello again! ♥ (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) ♥

Here is one of my dress creations this year! Actually, I never worked with this kind of fabric before, and I didn’t expect it to be a cocktail dress. haha (^・ω・^ ) It was supposed to be my dress for a church event but it turned out to look like a dress for a JS Prom. haha. Well now I know that these fabrics are used for that kind of dresses. I was just inlove with the fabric when I first saw it. (。♥‿♥。) hehe. And it was yellow, my most favorite color of all. haha ♥~(‘▽^人)

Well, here it is, my brother took some photos of me wearing it, in our forest-like background. hehehe That’s why I felt like princess/fairy lost in a forest. :3

yellow dress 2

As you can see it’s really fluffy and puffy. :3 Which I’m really happy about. haha (I love puffy skirts ) (●♡∀♡)

yellow dress 1

So, What do you think? ー( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I learned new things in sewing by making this dress. hehe

I love learning new strategies in sewing by making different types of dresses. ♥

I also asked myself , “Where will I be able to wear this? “. Well, I really don’t know. haha.

More knowledge in the future! ♥♥♥

By the way, I’m wearing a Whimsicute hairband made by Chichi of Little Miss Paintbrush! :)


Photos by: Francis Clemente


Strawberry-Berry Summer Dress

Summer is here in our country and summer dresses are a must! ヽ( ★ω★)ノ

This is one of the summer dresses that I’ve made. ♥ The fabric is so comfy and very kawaii, ♥ with prints of Strawberries and berries! ♥ (That’s why I called it the “Strawberry-berry dress”) hehehehe. (* >ω<)

So, here’s a photo of me modeling my own creation hehehe (with my dad’s bike haha ) ♥

Summer dress 1

Closer look to the fabric’s prints ♥ (。・ω・。) ♥ See, strawberries and berries hehehe

Summer dress 2

And this is the back view. hehehe ♥

summer dress back 3

I’m planning on making more summer dresses this summer, and maybe selling them too. yey! ♥ (`・ω・´)” I really wish to get more kawaii fabrics soon, so I can make more! hehe ♥


Photos by: Francis Clemente

(人-ω-)。o.゚。*・♡Good Night♡・*。゚o。(-ω-人)

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