Dolly Kaye loves BeautyPlus

Halo again <3

I just want to share the cuteness that BeautyPlus Anime Cam Filter brings hehehe

Recently I joined their contest with Ms. Anne Clutz and luckily, I WON! YAY! haha This is my 2nd time winning from a contest / online giveaway in my life and I’m so happy! I won a 70’s Instax! Yes an instax, finally I can have my own <3 Really excited to use it but I haven’t received it yet hahaha I’m waiting patiently hahaha <3 Thank you Beauty Plus and Miss. Anne Clutz <3

Here’s my entry for the contest <3

I enjoyed too much that I used it well hahaha

This is my favorite filter haha <3

hahaha and here’s my super friend Ashley Dy <3

And because they have another contest with @realasianbeauty Kristine Roces,  where 1 winner can win a VIP ticker to Exo’rdium this February and if you know me personally you know how much I love EXO and ofcourse my Chanyeol haha So, I joined again and tried my luck hahaha

Here’s my entry :D

Say hello to my EXO Merchandise Collection haha <3

And Thank you Ate Chichi for helping me today haha I really want to win this contest because EXO is life hahaha So pumwersa na me. hahahaha chos.

Please pray that I will won this contest. haha Becuase I really want this. huhuhaha

I’ll let you know if i win or not hahaha

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Download BeautyPlus now at Playstore or Appstore,<3

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