Kawaii In Manila 2 (Part 2)


Hello everyone! Late post as in late post! :v

Gahhhhd Im so sorry. ;_; My friend just gave me the photos last Halloween :D Such a very nice friend he is :v

Anyway, let me continue my blog post about the Kawaii in Manila 2 last September 6 2014 (yeah, I know I updated again after 2 months of the event :p, been quite busy with work and with my brand Dolly Kaye :3). <3


Okay, So, let me introduce them all to youuuu :D <3

First, my carbonara buddy/beh/unicorn of all seasons , Celina the Unicorn! tadaaa. :) Celina was so nice that we clicked when we met for the first time :v She’s so sweet, gahddd :)) So glad that I got to have her as a friend :)))

Visit her blog here: celinatheunicorn.com/

Follow her on IG here: @ctscruz


Second is my new baby :* Guen! <3 Such a cute girl <3


Next, is my BFF Kyary / Wynona :p She became my BFF because she looks like Kyary and she said that I looked like Yura (Kyary’s BFF :p), so yeah, She is also my main model on the Fashion Show :), She’s so kawaii! <3 gahhhhd. She’s small but she eats a lot lol :p She dances too! :D What a very talented little girl lol.:D *pats nona on the back :D

See her cosplay/photoshoots here:


She’s a great model too! <3



Next is, my deares Ashley Dy <3 Gahhhhd she’s so pretty that i was sad that she left so soon for Japan :_; missed her so much <3 She’s so nice and kind and funny too :p I enjoyed the 3 days that we were together :v #clingy lol.

Visit her blog here:candykawaiilover.blogspot.com/

Follow her on IG: @candykawaiilover

FB Page:www.facebook.com/candykawaiilover


Next is my friend from Japan/Liz Lisa girl/ , Mich <3 My co-Kawaii PH blogger :D Ahhh such a sweet girl <3 So glad to finally meet her <3 I hope I can meet Satchi too! <3 We promised that we will hunt Irie-kun together in Japan, someday :D <3

Visit her blog here:http://www.mich.kawaii.ph

Follow her on IG: @michch96

FB Page:www.facebook.com/ileftmyheartintokyo


Next is, the catlady Jennica Garcia! <3 Gahhhhd, She is a famous actress here on PH and she loves cats and all kawaii stuff <3 She is one of the muses of Ate Justine Chantelle of Dorotee Sweetlips <3 Such a pretty pretty girl <3 So glad to meet her. gahhhd as in <3

Visit her blog here: dearcatlady.tumblr.com/

Follow her on IG:@dearcatlady


Ate Barbie of La Princesse Doll <3 A very talented mom <3 She’s so inspiring <3

Visit her page here: www.facebook.com/pages/La-Princesse-Tea-Doll


Anne Kate <3


Rabin <3 Winner of the Ikemen Guy Contest! <3

So Kawaii!! We matched clothes by the way :D Mabuhay ang Pastel Kei! <3


And this is Gia <3 The cutest of them all :D Gahhhhd I want to take her home <3 <3 <3

She’s the winner of the Kawaii Girl Contest :D Ahhh she is so cute :v

IG: @tacocatbackwardsistacocat

FB Page: www.facebook.com/tacochanph


Ate Justine Chantelle of Dorotee Sweetlips! <3 She inspires me sooo much <3 Finally met my senpai <3

Blog: www.justinechantelleblog.com/

IG: @justine_chantelle

FB: www.facebook.com/doroteesweetlips


Ian of Forestale :D He’s so funny haha. He’s fun to be with, you’ll never get bored :D

FB: www.facebook.com/shopforestale


Reese!!!! favorite artist of all <3


Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/reeselansangan

IG: @reeseypeasy


This is Rex :D, one of the finalist of the Ikemen Guy Contest :D He sings well and yeah his hair is soooo cool :v He’s an artist too! :D


Zeon / Ulzzang Pistol, our music coordinator of the event :D I also used his music as my runway song :D He creates the most kawaii music of all :D

Check it here: https://soundcloud.com/ulzzangpistol


Trina and my BFF <3


My supportive bestfriend Jeff <3


My Little brother Nicole :D


Eldrin <3 The crowd favorite :D He was one of the finalist of the Ikemen Guy contest :D She made the girls blush :D


Marvin, the prettiest of them all :D A very talented person, with a great penmanship :v I love you Marvina <3 Stay Pretty :*


Lyx :)) Nona’s Mom <3 She helped with the makeup of my models <3 She’s a very talented make up artist and cosplayer <3

Check out her works: http://itislyx.tumblr.com/ , http://archandis.deviantart.com/


My dear models :D Ate Chay,Gene, Ghey and Geneva :D


And lastly , a photo with these girls <3


See you on the next Kawaii in Manila Convention! <3

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