Kawaii Girl <3

A kawaii collaboration of Rainbowholic X LucyPop Japan <3

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[ Kawaii Girl Poem by Mica (http://www.micaela.kawaii.ph) ]

Once there was a girl, a shy shy girl, who thinks she’s alone and closed to the world.

Afraid of changes, afraid of differences, she thinks it’s best to be like everybody else


She walks with a crowd, a huge huge crowd, where no one stands out in that plain plain crowd

The girl started walking, and then takes notice, on how to live life, and change her own style


“Something different, something unique, something personal, and just for me”

She thought about it, giving it time, so she could develop, her own original style


Something sparkly, soft, light and fluffy, are a few of the things that can make her happy

Slowly breaking the shell, the shell of shame, welcoming a new term she calls fame


Thinking hard, she had to name it, this new style she had created

Not caring what others think, nor what others say, because she decided to live, this kawaii life


“I’m a kawaii girl, at heart and soul” she says to herself without any foul

Freedom and courage is what’s needed to live the life of a kawaii girl

٩(ó。ò۶ ♡)))♬

Pay no mind to others, think about me, how I can be happy, being kawaii

Once there was a girl, a kawaii kawaii girl, who takes it by heart, and is open to the world.


Video here:

Lyrics by: Mica

By: Ghey Galura

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Photos by: Francis Clemente <3

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