Japan Candy Box Review and Giveaway ✨

Hello everyone! Sorry again for the lack of posts. Hehe Kinda busy with work and I felt like there’s nothing to share about my life recently haha. But I’m back again with the latest Japan Candy Box! 💕

I always wanted to receive this. Haha I really like Japanese snacks except for Matcha haha sorry my matcha loving friends 😁 I’m curious on what’s inside so I was really excited upon receiving this. 😊 (because hello food 😝)

So you know the drill, after this review we will be having a Giveaway at the end of this blogpost 😉 You can win your very own Japan Candy Box! Woohoo! 👌💕

First, what is a Japan Candy Box?

💕 The Japan Candy Box is a monthly subscription of sweetness + cuteness ✨ It includes 10 Japanese Snacks/Candies. They deliver worldwide! 💕

More details are posted on their website: http://www.japancandybox.com 💕✨

So, let’s start? 😊

My November Japan Candy Box includes the following:


1. Kracie Colorful Chocolate Puzzle

Super cute and super sweet 💕

My observation: The brown piece is chocolate, The pink bear/piece taste like the Strawberry Kitkat 🍓 The blue one is bubblegum? Haha really not sure about that and the yellow piece is hmmmm i dont know also but it taste good! Haha

But if you eat them together and you’ll never notice hehe

2. Happy Nikukyu Cat Paw Gummies ( mine’s a puga haha ) 

This is so cute btw. I received this before via Kawaii Box but unfortunately the one I had melted on it’s way here huhu poor cat paws.

But this one came perfect! Very very very cute and it taste so goood!! I don’t usually eat gummies (because at some point in my life I felt dizzy and I felt bad after eating it so I never ate it again haha) but I really like this one. It smells good too! 👌

Pompom approves this Puga paw gummies 👌

3. Coris Soft Soft Soft Candy Soda

Okay so this one taste like cola haha obviously it’s cola flavored candy hahaha. It brings back my childhood days, because a lot of candies before taste like cola, it was popular. Haha I like this one and super soft like it’s name (soft soft soft) it’s so nice u say it thrice! Haha

4. Glico Disney Friends Chocolate Bottle

I thought that it will be shaped like Pooh, but it’s Mickey Mouse! Haha (oh, it was shown at the packaging that it will be Mickey 😅)

It’s so sweet but it’s yummy. Once again, cute and sweet 💕✨👌 More milkier than the chocolate puzzle. 😊

5. Glico Komekko Seaweed and Wasabi Okome Snack

Wow wasabi haha the name scares me lol.

Hold that! It taste sooo good! My 2nd fave! Okay, I didn’t expect that it will taste so good! I like it because it’s spicy but not that spicy. 👌

6. Coris Watermelon Ramune Candy

At first I thought that it will taste like chocolate (because it’s color is brown haha) but it taste like watermelon haha (duh kaye it’s watermelon candy hahaha 😂) for the filipino readers here, it taste like frutos. Haha

7. Coris Soft Bubble Gum – Lemon Soda

The first ball on the right is not that sour, the second one was quite sour and the last one is definitely sour but not that sour sour just sour hahaha but it was good. Too bad i don’t know how to make a balloon? (is that what it’s called? balloon gum haha lol ) using a bubble gum 😁

8. Yaokin Sour Paper Gummy – Cola

Hello my childhood cola sour tape. Haha

My sister loves this! 👭✨

9. Yaokin Sweet Corn Soup Corn Snack

This is my favorite!!! Where can i buy this again??? Haha it taste like a snack here in PH called Sweet Corn but much better! I really like this one, can i get more? Haha

Too bad it only has a few pieces inside, so it was bitin (” bitin ” is a filipino term whenever something is not enough for you but you enjoyed it and you want morreeee ) 😁

10. Kasugai Chibi Vege Ramune Candy

This is like a baby candy. Haha It melts in your mouth and it taste sooo good. There are 2 flavors, the pink and the white one. For me, i like the pink one better 💕

So that’s it 😉 I really enjoyed this box, everything is so cute and taste sooo good! 💕✨ I love love love reviewing stuff like this 👌

This box makes you ask for more! Haha

So as promised, we will be giving away 1 Japan Candy Box to 1 Lucky Winner! Woooo! and consider this as my Birthday Giveaway 💕 My Birthday is this Saturday, Dec 2 ✨👌 Show me some love by joining my giveaway 😘

You can enter the giveaway here: 👇

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Have a great weekend! And I hope you liked my post for today 💕 Don’t forget to join my giveaway! 💕 You’ll surely love the Japan Candy Box, you’ll ask for more (like me haha) 😘

Bye bye 😘


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