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Kawaii PH Book Launch <3

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★ A N N O U N C E M E N T ★

“We are finally a step closer to the awaited day, kawaii dreamers! Mark your calendars this coming June 17, 2015 (Wednesday), as the Kawaii PH team will transport you into a world sprinkled with fun-filled activities, inspirational stories, and kawaii surprises, in its very first book launch for “Kawaii PH Book 1: Beyond the Cutest Dreams!”


<3 Kawaii PH TV <3

Hello everyone! <3

Kawaii PH TV is the first ever segment of Kawaii PH on TV!! <3 <3 <3


Yay!!!!!! Our team will be providing you kawaii stuff on National TV! DIY / Beauty / Arts / Music /Events and more!  :D

My episode was aired last sunday :D hahaha First time to see my face on National TV. hahahaha. gahhhd. :D So happy :3

Here’s a screenshot of my episode last Sunday :D

10308873_10203257929069358_1434434411870690156_nI made a very easy tutorial on how to make a Kawaii Felt Bow :D

Thank You to Anne Pinero for making me pretty haha <3

And for the whole Kawaii PH TV team, Kaila of Rainbowholic, my sister Chichi, Mikee , Kuya Francis, Kat Langomez, and Zeon! <3 Gahhd Go Team! <3

Subscribe on our youtube Channel for more episodes of Kawaii PH TV! :D

Next Sunday will be Chichi’s Episode! Watch her draw kawaii! <3 <3 <3

Catch #KawaiiPHTV every Sunday at 2:00-3:00PM and Wednesday at 9:00-10:00PM after Kawaii International program on IBC13 channel.

yay for another first this year! <3 Mabuhay Kawaii PH Team! <3

Kawaii Girl <3

A kawaii collaboration of Rainbowholic X LucyPop Japan <3

cats 112 221

[ Kawaii Girl Poem by Mica ( ]

Once there was a girl, a shy shy girl, who thinks she’s alone and closed to the world.

Afraid of changes, afraid of differences, she thinks it’s best to be like everybody else


She walks with a crowd, a huge huge crowd, where no one stands out in that plain plain crowd

The girl started walking, and then takes notice, on how to live life, and change her own style


“Something different, something unique, something personal, and just for me”

She thought about it, giving it time, so she could develop, her own original style


Something sparkly, soft, light and fluffy, are a few of the things that can make her happy

Slowly breaking the shell, the shell of shame, welcoming a new term she calls fame


Thinking hard, she had to name it, this new style she had created

Not caring what others think, nor what others say, because she decided to live, this kawaii life


“I’m a kawaii girl, at heart and soul” she says to herself without any foul

Freedom and courage is what’s needed to live the life of a kawaii girl

٩(ó。ò۶ ♡)))♬

Pay no mind to others, think about me, how I can be happy, being kawaii

Once there was a girl, a kawaii kawaii girl, who takes it by heart, and is open to the world.


Video here:

Lyrics by: Mica

By: Ghey Galura

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Shop at Rainbowholic Shop ( for the Japanese school girls “Kawaii” uniform “LucyPop” x Rainbowholic “Kawaii Girl Uniform” 

Photos by: Francis Clemente <3

Design Festa 2014 <3

design festa poster (2)

” Japan Lover Me and Kawaii Philippines with Enji エンジ (and WEE’D) will be sharing a booth tomorrow at the biggest international art event in ASIA, Design Festa 

Special items from Kawaii PH Store collective (WhimsicuteRainbowholicDolly Kaye and Mad Tee Party) will be available too! 

Our booth is E-269!! 


DESIGN FESTA: Encouraging the Freedom of Creative Expression

Design Festa is a celebration of the arts at which anyone regardless of age, nationality, talents or language can exhibit.

Serving as a platform for over 10,000 artists, designers, musicians, actors and more twice a year since its inception in 1994, Design Festa welcomes professionals and amateurs alike.

The single largest art festival in Asia, the combination of performances, international cuisine, artistic expression, enrichment, diversity and passion found at Design Festa is like that of no where else on earth. “


Dolly Kaye will be selling Neo Blythe Kawaii dresses! <3

Here they are: <3







I also made 2 Filipiñana inspired dresses for this event <3

10735932_10203157340354703_1166325726_n 10735625_10203157340434705_374614699_n


Little Miss Paintbrush will also be selling some artworks and pin buttons! <3

So Kawaii! <3

10806934_841578755862600_1385937609_n 10751880_841578742529268_594949103_n


Mad Tee Party will also be selling these kawaii T-shirts! We only have limited stocks in Japan! <3

MTP-024a MTP-020a MTP-019a MTP-018a MTP-014a MTP-003a


Rainbowholic Shop will also be selling Rainbowholic Shirts <3


And a very special project we made will be featured on our booth! <3

ADF X Kawaii PH (Kawaii Empowerment Workshop) I will blog about that soon :v



We will also be with Anggy Cempaka of Enji エンジ <3 Gahhhhd I wish I was there ;_;


Friends who are in Japan right now :))) Please do visit our booth at the Design Festa today! <3 Thank Youuuu! Ganbatte Team! <3

Kawaii In Manila 2 (Part 2)


Hello everyone! Late post as in late post! :v

Gahhhhd Im so sorry. ;_; My friend just gave me the photos last Halloween :D Such a very nice friend he is :v

Anyway, let me continue my blog post about the Kawaii in Manila 2 last September 6 2014 (yeah, I know I updated again after 2 months of the event :p, been quite busy with work and with my brand Dolly Kaye :3). <3


Okay, So, let me introduce them all to youuuu :D <3

First, my carbonara buddy/beh/unicorn of all seasons , Celina the Unicorn! tadaaa. :) Celina was so nice that we clicked when we met for the first time :v She’s so sweet, gahddd :)) So glad that I got to have her as a friend :)))

Visit her blog here:

Follow her on IG here: @ctscruz


Second is my new baby :* Guen! <3 Such a cute girl <3


Next, is my BFF Kyary / Wynona :p She became my BFF because she looks like Kyary and she said that I looked like Yura (Kyary’s BFF :p), so yeah, She is also my main model on the Fashion Show :), She’s so kawaii! <3 gahhhhd. She’s small but she eats a lot lol :p She dances too! :D What a very talented little girl lol.:D *pats nona on the back :D

See her cosplay/photoshoots here:

She’s a great model too! <3



Next is, my deares Ashley Dy <3 Gahhhhd she’s so pretty that i was sad that she left so soon for Japan :_; missed her so much <3 She’s so nice and kind and funny too :p I enjoyed the 3 days that we were together :v #clingy lol.

Visit her blog

Follow her on IG: @candykawaiilover



Next is my friend from Japan/Liz Lisa girl/ , Mich <3 My co-Kawaii PH blogger :D Ahhh such a sweet girl <3 So glad to finally meet her <3 I hope I can meet Satchi too! <3 We promised that we will hunt Irie-kun together in Japan, someday :D <3

Visit her blog here:

Follow her on IG: @michch96



Next is, the catlady Jennica Garcia! <3 Gahhhhd, She is a famous actress here on PH and she loves cats and all kawaii stuff <3 She is one of the muses of Ate Justine Chantelle of Dorotee Sweetlips <3 Such a pretty pretty girl <3 So glad to meet her. gahhhd as in <3

Visit her blog here:

Follow her on IG:@dearcatlady


Ate Barbie of La Princesse Doll <3 A very talented mom <3 She’s so inspiring <3

Visit her page here:


Anne Kate <3


Rabin <3 Winner of the Ikemen Guy Contest! <3

So Kawaii!! We matched clothes by the way :D Mabuhay ang Pastel Kei! <3


And this is Gia <3 The cutest of them all :D Gahhhhd I want to take her home <3 <3 <3

She’s the winner of the Kawaii Girl Contest :D Ahhh she is so cute :v

IG: @tacocatbackwardsistacocat

FB Page:


Ate Justine Chantelle of Dorotee Sweetlips! <3 She inspires me sooo much <3 Finally met my senpai <3


IG: @justine_chantelle



Ian of Forestale :D He’s so funny haha. He’s fun to be with, you’ll never get bored :D



Reese!!!! favorite artist of all <3


IG: @reeseypeasy


This is Rex :D, one of the finalist of the Ikemen Guy Contest :D He sings well and yeah his hair is soooo cool :v He’s an artist too! :D


Zeon / Ulzzang Pistol, our music coordinator of the event :D I also used his music as my runway song :D He creates the most kawaii music of all :D

Check it here:


Trina and my BFF <3


My supportive bestfriend Jeff <3


My Little brother Nicole :D


Eldrin <3 The crowd favorite :D He was one of the finalist of the Ikemen Guy contest :D She made the girls blush :D


Marvin, the prettiest of them all :D A very talented person, with a great penmanship :v I love you Marvina <3 Stay Pretty :*


Lyx :)) Nona’s Mom <3 She helped with the makeup of my models <3 She’s a very talented make up artist and cosplayer <3

Check out her works: ,


My dear models :D Ate Chay,Gene, Ghey and Geneva :D


And lastly , a photo with these girls <3


See you on the next Kawaii in Manila Convention! <3

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