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Ai 愛 Garden ( Love Garden ) Collection <3

Hello everyone! (人´∀`*) It’s been a long time since I last posted here. Gomen :(

I’ve been really busy working with this collection for this month <3

With the help of onee chan Kaila and Mica-chan I decided to call this collection as ” Ai 愛 Garden ( Love Garden ) Collection “. Ai 愛 means Love in Japanese, why Love? Because it’s February and February is Valentine’s Day ho ho ho. And Garden, because the fabrics I used are florals mainly Roses, and roses are mostly given on Feb 14th. he he he. <3


<3 Birthday Giveaway! <3

dollykaye giveaway final

Hello Hello Hello! (ノ>▽<。)ノ

As promised, I am having a Birthday Giveaway together with Whimsicute! <3


DSC_4216 DSC_4215

I will be giving away:

1 Strawberry Dolly Kaye Skirt with a matching bow


1 Whimsicute bow

1 Little Miss Paintbrush Strawberry Button Pin

1 Whimsicute Crochet Rose Bracelet


1 Kawaii Magnet Set

1 DIY Craft Kit

2 Kawaii Stickers


To enter my giveaway you should click here:

This giveaway is only available in the Philippines. (◕‿◕✿)

Until Dec 20 2014 only! <3

Here’s my FB page:

 Follow me on IG:

@dollykaye <3

Join now and Goodluck! <3

Little Princess Wynona <3


Hello everyone! That’s my BFF Nona/Kyary PH/Sarah P. (Sarah Patatas/Potato) haha! <3 Such a pretty girl :) <3

I’ve been busy making cute dresses inspired from the movie ” A Little Princess “. The dresses of little girls at this time was so cute! <3 So, I decided to make dresses inspired from it. :)

This is the very first dress that I made from this collection. :) It’s still not available but my BFF Wynona of Vanilla Fairy loved it so much so she purchased it even its not yet released :))) (I Love youuu BFF <3) Really thankful to have supportive friends gahhhd. :D

She will be using this for her entry on Dolldelight’s contest on FB. :)))

Let’s support her! <3 Let’s make her dreams come true haha <3

Vote her here:


Here are some photos of my pretty pretty pretty BFF Wynona <3




Photos by: EIN <3


More dresses coming soon this December <3

<3 Dolly Kaye Dresses <3

Hello everyone !

Sorry for the super lack of posts lately :p

I’ve been very busy with making dresses for my brand Dolly Kaye :D

I’m very thankful for everyone who purchased my dresses last Kawaii In Manila 2! :D Arigatou Gozaimasu  everyone! <3

Here are the dresses that was available last Kawaii in Manila 2 :D




I am also making dresses for our online shop the Kawaii PH Store :) Our website is launching very soon!Please do watch out for that :)

Kawaii PH Store is an online shop portal for kawaii stuff :) I will be with the brands like Little Miss Paintbrush,Whimsicute, Rainbowholic , Kawaii PH and Mad Tee party :)

 I already launched the first batch of dresses for the store :D Here they are :)

pinbutton15 pinbutton14 pinbutton13 pinbutton12 pinbutton07 pinbutton08 pinbutton09 pinbutton11

8 of them are now sold to the very beautiful Ms. Jennica Garcia :) I am very thankful and happy because she liked my designs and dresses :) I feel flattered because she’s a famous actress :3 Gahhhhd :v

Visit her blog


This is the only dress  left for the set of dresses I made for the Kawaii Ph Store :)

For details on how to purchase, visit our FB page here:

Dolly Kaye FB page here:

I will release the 2nd batch of dresses soon <3 Please do watch out for it :)

I will also be selling my dresses and skirts at the Bazaar for all Season 8, Nov. 21-23 2014 @ the Elements Tent, Eton Centris, EDSA Corner, Quezon Avenue. :) See you there! <3


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