Blippo’s Kawaii Bag Review + Giveaway 💖

Hello everyone! 😊 Sorry for the lack of posts here. Hehe I was preparing for Toycon 2017 and with work lately hehe But here’s a new blogpost and a giveaway too! 💖

Today I will be reviewing the Blippo Kawaii Surprise Bag that I received this month! 💖 

The bag alone is so cute! Blippo Kawaii Bag consists of 15 cute random items. 💛
Here’s mine 💖

Everything is so cute and useful hehehe 


💛 Ahhh Yellow Macaron Luggage Tag! I don’t have a luggage yet but I will surely put this once I purchase one hehe

💖 And look at that super cute Alpaca Card Holder. 😍

💖 Kawaii-fy your phone using this cute Bling Bling Phone Stickers hehe Yeah I just named it Bling Bling 😅

💖 Cute Phone Charms Oreo and Crepe ( Oreo is so squishy haha ) I love crepes and it’s yellow 💛

💖 Mermaid Bracelet!!!!!! 

💖 Pastel Pink Mirror and Comb. I actually need this haha

💖 Cute Purse ( I got 3 cute wallets yay! ) 

💖 Summer themed Fan ( it’s really hot here in PH specially during Summer and every 9 am to 3 pm haha )

💖 Watermelon Purse 🍉🍉🍉

This watermelon wallet matches my Watermelon Dress! 😍🍉 I also made this dress hehe

🍉 Watermelon Watermelon Papaya Papaya Saging Saging Saging Saging Saging Saging Fruit Salad Fruit Salad 🎶🎤 ( okay this is a Filipino Children song that we used to play when we were young haha It includes a dance also 😅 ) and Saging is Banana 🍌🍌🍌

Hello Kitty Glasses without glasses haha really cute! 💖

💖 Fruity Hair Clips 🍎🍓🍏

💖 Super Cute Cat Plushie! 🐱

And here are my faves! 💖 The Pikachu Wallet is sooooo cute and it’s yellow and I love yellow haha 💛 I also love cats and mermaid stuff hehe 

The Blippo Kawaii Surprise Bag this month is Summer themed! Perfect for our country’s weather haha. This bag brings joy and possitivity 😌 Everything inside the bag is soo cute and can be used everyday. 💖
You can purchase your very own Kawaii Bag at Blippo’s website here:

And Blippo and I are giving away 1 Kawaii Bag to 1 Lucky winner! You can enter the giveaway here: 
Enter Competition

Don’t forget to join the giveaway and Thank you always for reading my blogposts hehehe 💛

See you! 💛 * heartheart *

More Cute Chokers <3

Hello Hello again <3

So, I’ve made more chokers this time haha

I actually enjoyed it so much that I made a lot hehe I made some really cute ones that I don’t know if I’m going to sell them or keep them for myself hehe

Chokersssssss <3 All are handmade with love <3


Barbie Chokers <3

Hello all <3

I’ve been crafting some chokers lately and I’m actually enjoying it hehehe

It’s fun and it makes me feel relaxed hehe

Recently I received the Barbie Cabochons I ordered online and I turned them into chokers hehe. It comes with cute colors and pastels too! <3

Here’s some of the chokers I made <3


March 2017 NEW Dresses

Hello everyone! <3

I recently released a new set of Cute dresses and sets that I made for my Clothing Brand Dolly Kaye <3

Collaborated again with my BFF Wynona of Vanilla Fairy and my Kuya Francis for this shoot hehe.

Here’s some of the photos from the shoot <3

Hope you like them as much as I do :)


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