Flower Freckles

Hello everyone! We spent our Sunday by having a mini photoshoot / Picture picture lang session here in our home 😊 The weather today was great, no rain and it was not that hot. 🌿

I’ve decided to do a look inspired from my sister’s artwork “Freckles and Scars” 😊

Here’s the look ✨


Daily Make Up Look 💖

Hello everyone! 😊

I’m going to show you my make up the other night. 😉 Because I don’t have anything to write here and I took a lot of selfies haha. Just because I really loved my make up. 😅

Here’s the list of makeup that I used on mah face haha.

✨On my Face: AprilSkin Magic Snow Cushion Black

✨Powder: Maybelline White SuperFresh Natural

✨Contour: Catrice Cosmetics Sculpting Powder Palette

✨Eyebrow: Nature Republic Auto Eyebrow 02 Dark Brown

✨Eyeshadow: Maybelline Eyestudio Lumineyes

✨Eyeliner: Miniso

✨Blush: Canmake Cream Cheek 01

✨Lips: Pinkies Collection Good Girl

✨Lashes: Eyemazing Natural Black No. 102 by Jun Komori

✨Eyelash Glue: DUP Eyelashes Fixer Ex x Hello Kitty

✨Highlighter: Miniso Highlight and Contour Stick


Sunny on a Rainy Day 🌞

Hello! 😊

How are you? 💖 It’s been raining for the last few weeks, I love it actually because it’s cold. I love the cold weather hehe 😁

Also, last week I received a package from Sunnies Studios 🌞 And it was filled with yellow sunnies from them! Super love it! 😍


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